When you have a technical problem

This page is intended as a help to new and existing clients. New clients will be able to see the level of service that is provided by 123 Design and existing clients will be able to access help of a general nature for website administration mostly.

Common website problems – Most web ‘problems’ are simple to sort and you do not need to get unduly alarmed. I do recognise that for many people anything to do with technology is a cue to panic and I am not minimising your fears. Just take a deep breath, look at the FAQs and if all else fails, contact me via the help form at the bottom of this page.

If you think you have been hacked

View Dealing with a hack attack.

No need to send missiles to the web designer or the host provider!


All clients of 123 Design have a maintenance contract. Do have a look HERE to see what is involved. You will see that you are getting a fairly full and thorough service that you could easily be paying 4 times the cost for elsewhere. I like my clients’ websites to be properly looked after. Better for you – better for me.

  • Your website, from the point at which it is made live, is under our care and is constantly maintained, updated as necessary and monitored for connectivity. If your emails are under my management then they also come into my care package. If there is any issue affecting your site or mail boxes for a period of more than 45 minutes  in peak time then I will notify you to say how this is being addressed.
  • The majority of my clients are not experts in the field of websites, which is why they hire me. So they do not always know what is under my control or could have been affected by any problems at the server end. By ‘server end’ I mean where your website and emails are hosted.
  • Because of the above I do find myself trying to assist clients in adjusting settings in email clients (the bits of software on your computer that you use to send and receive your emails) and investigating whether or not your computer has a virus. I never mind helping my clients but I think it would be good if my clients could have a clearer picture of what I am able to deal with and what is clearly in the client’s court and to do with their own IT setup.

To assist with this here is a checklist for trouble shooting. Based on what you tell me I will investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.